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April 25, 2022


Students > select a Student > View > Profile > Funding & Allowance > Learner Monitoring

The Learning Monitoring page has been updated to display the Census Period the Hours Recorded refer to.

Image #1

Students > select Student/s > Actions > FAM Hours Bulk Update

An additional option, FAM Hours Bulk Update, has been added under the Actions button. When selected this opens the Learner Funding and Monitoring Hours Maintenance page, allowing Bulk Updating for Students according to the Census period collected. Hours can be updated in Bulk or in an Individual Student basis and the Total Hours displayed on the update page is for guidance until the data is Saved.

Note: Any Hours in this Period that have already been added manually will show in the Hours this Period column and any Other Hours assigned to the Student through other Periods will be displayed as Other Periods.

Note: If a Student does not have a Learning Monitor record the Student may appear in the list but no Hour can be updated. This page is purely for updating Hours.

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