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October 08, 2021

Parent/Student Portal - Homework

Config > Student Portal > Homework

The Homework and Quiz options have been merged into one option Homework. The Quiz option has been removed from the Configurations and the Homework Configuration has an additional tick box, Type. When selected this will show the Type of Homework as Homework or Quiz, when viewing in Student Portal.

Note: The options for creating a new Quiz or adding Homework have not changed.

When viewing from the Student Portal the Quizzes section will be removed and both the Quizzes and Homework will be displayed in the Homework Widget.

The Homework Home page will display the Homework Type.

Unsubmitted Quizzes will display a blue Play icon and Submitted Quizzes will display a green Eye icon.

When viewing from the Parent Portal both Quizzes and Homework will be displayed in the Homework Widget and Homework Home page.

The changes will also be reflected in the both the Parent Portal (MCAS) and the Student Portal Apps.

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