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September 18, 2021

Behaviour - Event Entry

Modules > Behaviour > Event Records Students > Select Student/s > Actions > Behaviour Event Students > Select Student/s > View > Behaviour > Events Lesson Dashboard > Seating Plan > Action > Behaviour Event

Note: This page will only be visible when selected under Config > Behaviour > Configurations

The Behaviour Entry Form has been updated and now has a Student panel and 2 tabs, Basic Details and More Details.

Note: The options displayed in the 2 tabs are set under Config > Behaviour > Configurations.

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September 18, 2021

Students - Behaviour Tab

Students > Select 1 or more Students > View > Behaviour

The Behaviour tab on the Student Details page now displays Behaviour Cards showing the Events for the selected Interval, Today, Last 5 School Days, Last 10 School Days, Year to Date, This Term or a Custom Date Range. On some of the selections you will see the option to Exclude or Include the Current Day from the Point Cards.

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September 18, 2021

Behaviour - Configurations

Config > Behaviour > Configurations

Ticking the Enable new Behaviour Entry Form and configurations box allows you to update to the new Behaviour Entry Form, using the Hide/Unhide options where it will be displayed on the Behaviour Event Entry pages. The Positive, Neutral and Negative buttons can be edited and renamed and the options disabled or moved between the Main tab Basic Details and the Second tab More Details.

Note: By default this option is NOT ticked and you will continue to use the existing Behaviour Entry Form.

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August 28, 2021

Behaviour - Events

Config > Behaviour > Events

The Events page has been updated and the information is now displayed in tabs including Classifications and Outcomes. The tabs are Event Details, Referral Recipients, Linked Outcomes, Linked Classifications and Linked Actions. The Required Event Record Fields, now include Comments, Outcome, Classification, Group and Location. Linked Outcomes and Linked Classifications now have the option to select as Default. The Default option will be pre-populated when the Event is selected.

Note: Changes made to the Required Event Record Fields will also be reflected in the Teacher App.

When an Event is Created or Edited then Saved and there is an error a Red Pulsing icon will be displayed.

Config > Behaviour > Outcomes

An Associated Behaviour Events dropdown list has been added in the Add/Edit Outcome panel. Behaviour Events added or removed here are also ticked or unticked in Behaviour Events.

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